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storm system is weakening. we're going to go to our sentinel radar to give you an idea. this is three dimensional view of the thunderstorms. you see the red that is towering up out of the storms? that is how much updraft we have in the storms, how tall the storm is reach into this atmosphere when it's really tall, it's not good. it's a strong, it's at the strongest point. why watch out it moves to the south-southeast and that depth of that red, the updraft is coming down and weakening, rotationing -- rotating to saint mary's county. these are the active warnings we have in place. we have calvert county, charles county, king george and saint mary's, the thunderstorm warnings into 5:15 p.m. probably they will be extended and reissued. we have flash flood warnings in place for charles, fairfax, prince georges and prince williams. those will run until 6:45 p.m. the strong of the part of the
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thunderstorms have been from trash flooding and we have had numerous reports of the very, very heavy rain producing flash flooding. no reports of tornados, no wind reports so far and anything new comes along, we'll keep you up to date with that. >> all right, gary, i know you're on top of that and we'll check in with you in a bit. we're following a news alert out of bowie. the shots fired inside a home and, tonight, one person is dead and there are a lot of questions. fox 5s wisdom martin is live in bowie gathering the new details on this. wisdom? >> reporter: well, what happened, laura, is about of about 1:00, prince georges police got a call about a shooting here in this nash. they found a victim inside the house, he was dead and what they calling trauma to the body and have not released his name. they said the victim did live in the house and they're saying that at this point, this is not to appear to be a random crime. the victim appears to have been
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targeted by someone and right now, during the process of talking to two people, they're calling them persons of interest for their involvement in this shooting and they have not arrested anyone yet. they're talking to two people of interest for their involvement in this crime. at this point, they don't have a motive as to why this happened, they have not released a motive why this happened. this is still an on going investigation and a on the of police officers and investigators on the scene here after several hours trying to put the pieces together as to why this happened in this neighborhood. that is the latest information we v. back to you. >> and wisdom, have you been able to track down any neighbors? are they saying anything about the people who live here? >> a lot of people are getting home and they're not aware of what is going on. a lot of people are at work. this is your regular working class neighborhood and a lot of people are not home yet and they're starting to fitter in
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slowly. we're seeing a couple of cars here and there. a lot of people were at work when this happened. >> thank you very much for the update there and we'll check in with you in a bit. disturbing allegations about a virginia employment agency. one of the employees is accused of forcing jobless women to watch pornography and sexually abusing them. john henrehan is lie with the latest. >> reporter: the suspect worked at an employment agency at one of the most multicultural neighbors. the victims spoke korean and spanish as the primary languages. investigators are wondering if there are more immigrant women out there who were assaulted when they went to a job agency to look for employment. >> reporter: in a tee-story office building -- three-story office building in annandale, there is a office for a company called the world employment agency. 72-year-old chun sikh li who worked there asked women
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looking for employment to go to the back room to watch a peculiar video. >> forcing women to watch a video of a pornographic match that depicted illicit sex acts. >> reporter: a july 7th, a 41- year-old woman said she was locked in the room and was assaulted by mr. li. she told him she needed to use the bathroom and when he let her out, she fled and contacted police. investigators found a 28-year- old woman from fairfax city who said a similar thing happened to her on may 19th. signs for the employment agency are printed in english, korean and spanish. the neighborhood is very international and detectives wonder if more victims are out there. >> and they may not be familiar with the reporting procedures in the police department. we reaching out to women of various ethnicities, specifically those speaking
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korean and spanish and to hope they understand these parts of behaviors are not part of getting a job. >> and highlies nearby in anandale. at the moment, he's being hill without bond on two counts of attempted forcible sodomy. police say if other possible will haves need a translator -- victims need a translator, they will furnish one. no one was working today at the world employmentanceigencey when we knocked at the on -- agency when we knocked at the door and phone calls were not answered. detectives working to identify a man found dead in the street. officers responded to 51st place around 6:00 a.m. after reports that someone was unconscious. and they believe the man is in his 30s and police are not releasing his cause of death. opening arguments started today in theroer clemens' case.
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needles and cottonballs the former trainer said he used to inject the pitcher tested positive for clemens' dna and anabolic steroids. the ross cuters say the trainer kept the evidence for years because he didn't trust clemens. the defense attorneys say that evidence is fake. clemens is accused of lying to congress about using performance-enhancing drugs. if you ride metro, get ready for big headaches. over the next year, the tranet agency will shut down stations to track and maintenance work and the tradeoff? the work will be done quicker. >> reporter: the first major disruption will come in afour s down causing considerable pain. traps silenced at four metro rail stations for an entire weekend on august 6th and seventh. >> oh, no.
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>> reporter: and that is just the beginning. i saw -- and got hit to paces on the weekend and that is going to shut it down. >> and we need to brig our metro system up to snuff and to run it in such a way that the passengers are not hurt all the time. >> reporter: closures will effect every line at various times. metro said that it allows it to get work done faster and safer. >> it's everything from track work and rail fasteners and cleaning of the stations and platform repairs, lighting, landscaping, signal work, track service renecessary met. >> reporter: unlike single tracking that causes delays from one end of the line to the other, only the closed stations will be affected. riders will have the option of taking local bus service, metro bus or free shuttles that will operate between the closed stations. even on weekends you will have to deal with traffic. >> reporter: think the shuttles
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will be unreliable and difficult to dispute. some people go from rockville into d.c. and out. >> reporter: it's a no-win situation. single tracking or closed stations. either one results in disruptions and delays. >> people are going to -- and voice that, voice that, you know, on the weekends that are inconvenienced. we know that. >> reporter: on the red line, the closures will allow metro to complete necessary upgrades within a year. 18 months earlier than scheduled. and riders remain skeptical that metro will stick to its words. >> metro's made a rot of empty promises and for instance, i work in foggy bottom and they said the escalator is going to be done may 2011. i kid you not, it opened this past monday and we're in july. >> if you think four stations is tough in late august, the redline will have five stations closed. metro said that it tried to pick weekends when ridership is lower to try to reduce the inconvenience for riders. you can find a link on our home page at or you
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can look under the traffic tab under metro news. >> i know it's going to be a mess out there and that is to be completed early. >> the $5 billion construction project is supposed to last five to six years and we could see the closures for several more years and metro tells us that each year there will be fewer closures and the track work is not as difficult. the inconvenience should be reduced. >> pack your patience. thank you, sherri ly. the united states women's soccer team was coming off of an emotional victory over brazil on sunday in the world cup and that was the quarter final round. today, they were back in action. and lindsay murphy has more. >> reporter: they won that game
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last week but it was dramatic. two extra periods and some stoppage time and eventually a penalty kick shootout. it doesn't get more dramatic than that and the u.s. had another tough test, facing france. let's check out the action. the u.s. seeking the third appearance in the world cup final and the first since winning it all. heather o'reilly with the crossing pass and lauren cheney -- with the french goal keeper. the u.s. led 1-0. and the french would dictate place and from on, 56 minutes and -- a former member over the forward and solo, game tide 1-1. here comes the u.s. 79th minute. lauren chano the corner and to that far post and elevates and heads it in another dramatic goal for the 31-year-old. the 12th career world cup goal. the u.s. defeats france toe-1.
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-- 3-1. >> i know that we're going to pull through. i have to believe in this team and everyone feels this we ought to play perfect. they have to go on us and in the the ends we're in the finals. >> and on to the finals on sunday. the u.s. will beat japan, who beat sweden thirty two -- 3-1. the u.s. dominated the all-time series with japan, 22 victories, no losses and three draws includingy there victories this year. >> thank you. and casey anthony will be a free woman soon. she's not in the clear just yet. the florida mom is now facing a lawsuit. >> plus, the search for a missing boy in new york ends in tragedy. a murder suspect is in custody. are police closer to pinpointing a motive? we're live coming up next. and the phone hacking scandal is taking its toll. allegations of more victims surface. the latest from london is next. 
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>> just a quick warning. the details of the next story are gruesome and disturbing. there is a horror story unfolding in a quiet brooklyn neighborhood. the search for a missing 8-year- old boy ended when his remains were found in two separate places. inside the alleged killer's freezer and in a dumpster. thank you for joining us. i understand the police think
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that this little boy asked the accused killer for direction when is he got lost? joe that's right. it was a chance encounter with a stranger, a random encounter. we're standing outside of the 6- sep precinct, which is neighboring the borroughs park and they're questioning the suspect they believe killed and dismembered the eightier old boy. apparently the boy was leaving his day camp on monday around 5:00 and had begged his parents to let him go home alone for the first time. and they said okay and we'll meet you seven clocks away. he walked -- seven blocks away and went one block and got lost. after another five blocks, he ran into a stranger who okay looked similar to him and to look orthodox jewish and asked him for help and that man is the suspect they're questioning now, the 35-year-old levy aaron. what happened -- . >> at this point, do police have a motive or any idea what
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led to this? >> they're not sure if the boy was sexually molested. when the police commissioner was asked what the motive might be, he said the suspect told the detectives why he killed the boy, he said he saw the posters all over the place and heard everyone looking for the boy, panicked and killed the boy. that is what he said. and that is what he said to detectives. we don't know what the real truth is at this point. -- about 2: 00 this morning. >> what have you learned about the suspect at this point? does he have a criminal history? shawn, i can't hear you. at this point, i'm going to assume you can't hear what i'm saying. i will end by saying that the boy's funeral is at 8:30 tonight and they don't know if he was sexually molested. the 35-year-old individual is being hill. the only criminal record on him was for urinating on the street in brooklyn, back to you. >> apparently, we were having audio troubles there and apologize for that.
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casey anthony might be off of the hook for her daughter's death and is facing new legal troubles. texas equity search, the group that searched for her daughter s suing casey anthony for more than $100,000. and the group said that she deliberately sent them on a wild-goose chase asking them to look for her daughter when they say she knew the girl was dead. the group used a drone aircraft and conducted several water searches. they say the time and money spent searching for caylee could have been used helping another family. casey anthony will be released from jail on sunday. a major reversal tonight by rupert murdoch and his bid to buy the majority stake of the british sky broadcasting company. this is as the phone hacking scandal that forced the shutdown of the news of the world paper threatens now to spill over into the united states and with allegations 9/11 victims may have been targeted. news corporation has dropped its bid to take full control of
5:18 pm
british sky broadcasting. the company released this statement: quote, we believe the proposed acacquisition would benefit both companies and it's clear that it's too difficult to progress in this clem at. news corporation remains a committed long-term shareholder and we're proud of the success it's achieved and our traction to -- contribution to it. end quote and this comes as british lawmakers were prepareing to demand that murdoch give up his bid while investigates continue over the phone hacking scandal surrounding his british newspaper holding. >> and that is a fire storm, engulfing parts of the media and police and in the political system's ability to respond. >> reporter: dropping the bid doesn't mean the scandal surrounding news corp and news international is over. cameron said he will look into claims that 9/11 victims were targeted in britain's phone- hacking scandal involving the new shattered news-of-the-world newspaper. the daily mirror newspaper, a
5:19 pm
murdoch competitor, quoted an anonymous source saying some journalists approached a private investigator in the u.s. about trying to access phone data from some of the victims. here in the u.s., the democratic senator jay rock filler is calling -- jay rockefeller is calling for a huge investigation. meantime in london, robert murdoch, his son james, the chairman and ceo for the news corporation in europe and asia and news international chief executive rebecca brooks have been asked to appear before british lawmakers to answer questions about the phone hacking allegations. the girlfriend of accused boss mobster whitey bulger will remain in jail. the judge delayed ruling on whether to release catherine grieg. she didn't have going to do with the violent crimes bulger is accused of doing. the attorney wants more time to prove she's not a flight ridiculous. the founder of wiki leaks is in a court to fight extradition to sweden. he's being held in london on
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charges of rape and molesting a. the lawyers argue that the charges are not backed up by witness tell. assange is under investigation in the u.s. lawmakers want to know if he committed a crime when his website published thousands of secret u.s. documents. coming up on fox 5 news at 5, wicked weather sweeping across our region now. when will the skies clear? gary is look at what is on tap for tonight. next. 
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. >> the body of former first lady betty ford is on the way to michigan for another private service. she was escorted out of palm desert, california, where she and the former president gerald ford have lived since he left office. yesterday, a funeral was held there attended by mrs. michelle obama, the first lady. several former first ladies and former president george w. bush were there. mrs. ford will be laid to rest tomorrow in grand rapids,
5:24 pm
michigan, next to president ford on the grounds of his presidential museum. and dealing with our share of thunderstorms outside. gray skies and rain out there. >> hopefully it will bring some relief with all the heat we have had, gary. what are we looking at tonight? >> reporter: you're perfect, laura. >> thank you, gary. >> reporter: you're perfect every day. >> okay. >> and storms of transition here. the cold front is draped across the area now and let moo show it to you. a big line of thunderstorms, we showed them to you at the top of the show and they were severe towards howard county, santa mary's county and charles county. the warnings -- warnings have expired. no new warnings were issued and that is still a long line of thunderstorms moving to the south and to the south at a good clip, too and in frederickheavy rain and
5:25 pm
that is approaching spots will vainia and in -- spotsylvania. for leonardtown and saint mary's city, they have weakened and are still producing wind and some very, very heavy rain. you the active warnings, you can see here, this is looking like 6:45 and this is for alexandrea, charles, fairfax, prince georges and in prince william county and they have been moving quick, though, thank goodness and this is the forecast for this evening. still stormy to the south and at 7:00. the temperatures have really dropped with the front and in these thunderstorms. the spotty shower at 11:00 and breezy at 11:00. i think you're going to love the forecast you will see going through the weekend. we'll talk about that and i will tell you this. less humidity. that is my hint of what is ahead. >> i like the sign of that. that is always good. >> thank you. >> and see you know, you are
5:26 pm
perfect. >> thank you, i appreciate that. and to a shakeup in the d.c. council. >> is everyone on board? we're following the fallout next. and plus, thousands of security breaches at u.s. airports in the past 10 years. what do those numbers mean? what you need to know before you fly. next.  [ female announcer ] did you know nine out of ten growing kids don't get
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>> many unanswered questions one day after a d.c. couple shakeup. what is the -- council shakeup. what is the real motivation behind the move? is it political revenge and how is it going to affect city government. karen has more. >> reporter: tommy wells in ward 6 was the biggest casualty. bumps off the important public works and transportation committee; sensually demoted to
5:30 pm
library -- essentially demoted to library parks and recreation. all of the colleagues voted to go with the chair. we caught up with some of them today to ask why. kwame brown didn't want to talk to us about the shakeup. for him, today was business as usual, maybe better than usual. congressman john conyers and former d.c. delegate walter fonteroy stopped by for a hearing on designating a new street, martin luther king jr. drive. >> martin luther king jr. has affected ply political philosophy. >> reporter: downstairs, evidence that brown meant business. the seen that said tommy wells is chairman of public works already gone. >> what is important is about a aggressive agenda going forward. >> reporter: tommy wells a agreed at the weekly press briefing to give an update on the test. >> i passed a bag bill without chairing the department, having not oversight of the
5:31 pm
environment. passed on to the overhead wire bill for street cars and move that along. >> reporter: mayor gray was skittish about addressing the chairman's motives in the reorganization. >> you know i'm not going to go into that. >> and could have been payback to wells for leading the challenge on ethics legislation after questions about brown's controversial suv leases and possible campaign violations. >> and with that, you would have to ask the chairman. i don't know why he went to the extremes he did. >> the public has to realize it is a dynamic within the couple of people working together to reach a consensus. >> reporter: murre yule -- murial bowser said -- to put down her appointment. >> the past four years, i represented the city council on the regional transportation planning board and this year, i chair the transportation planning board. >> reporter: one major beneficiary of the reshuffling of ward three is mary chay and heads up the old committee and said people are misreading the
5:32 pm
chairman's motives. >> there had to be some restructuring. vincent orange is newly, lengthed and one had to be created for him. and also because tommy thomas lost the committee. >> reporter: the realignment makes sense. >> and the chairman added environmental issues to her public works committee and since she was high profile on the environment and michael brown who had jobs had education matters including udc and community colleges and he can focus on training for jobs as well as getting the jobs. so, karen, the council had to vote on the chairman's reorganization. the obvious question here is why, if they privately have concerns about the shakeup, did they go along with this? >> you know, sometimes you have to -- you get what you want, if you want to get what you want in the long running you have to get along and that is what phil mendelson was suggesting and jack evans, who was on the council for 20 years, said this is a tradition, the kind of culture on the council. unless you have a strong
5:33 pm
exception, you give difference to the chair -- defference to the chair. >> you pick your battles? >> exactly. >> karen gray houston, thank you. you know the extra 5 cents you pay for bags in the district that will now help the organizations. another $300,000 is going to private firms who do that same work. the projects will start at the end of the summer. remember the police escort charlie sheen got a few months ago? there was nothing usual about it. according to the inspector general, the officers did not violate department policy. they cleared the way for sheen. sheen posted a photo, this one on twitter that appears to show the police car's odometer at 80 miles per hour and the report made several recommending as for escorts, including coordination with some other law enforcement agencies. the safety of our nation's
5:34 pm
airports and that alarming new report reveals a high number of security breaches. they raised questions about our airport safety and members of congress are looking for answers. the transportation security administration is playing down the numbers, though, at fox's craig bosswell has the story. >> reporter: homeland security documents reveal more than 25,000 security breaches at airports across the nations since 2001. that is about seven per day. more than half of those, about 14,000, were unauthorized people going from airport buildings to planes or getting into limited access areas without permission. those are the ones we know about and the deep concern is what about the ones we don't know about? >> reporter: during the house subcommittee hearing, lawmakers question the effectiveness of billions of dollars of security enhancements at america's more than 450 airports, particularly around the perimeters. >> it's worthwhile to spend time to redouble our efforts, to focus our resources on an
5:35 pm
area that we believe has been neglected. >> reporter: the tsa defends its record saying the breaches represent less then 1% of the roughly 5 1/2 billion flyers who have streamed through airports the past 10 years and that airports are mostly responsible for perimeter security. >> on my checkpoint security, the airport authority people investments play the lead role in carrying out airport perimeter security. >> reporter: the charlotte international airport director turned his criticism squarely back on the tsa. >> my judgement's effectiveness of the tsa is compromised by attitude and bureaucracy. >> reporter: they're questioning the 900 credentials given to workers at the airport areas. netflix users, the company is raising prices by as much as 60%. if you want dvds and streaming video, the combined package used to cost you $10 and
5:36 pm
starting september 1st, it will cost you $16. if you rent the dvds or just rent streaming video, the cost is going down to $.7 inspect a month. some of net -- $.7 inspect a month. many customers are planning to their service because they're upset about the price hikes. bonds will be only available through treasury direct. the change is part of an effort for the treasury department. selling bonds online will save $70 billion over the first five years. brand new dishes at some of the kids fast restaurants to help them make healthier choices. >> is this really the key to finding childhood obesity or a smart strategy to get you in the door? the story is still ahead tonight. plus, they're taking the message to the streets with an eye-catching stunt. don't miss the message. well, you can see them here. it's not the chilly dogs. we'll tell you about that next. 
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>> smokers will have to put our their cigarette cigarettes to enjoy parks from now on. the county is banning smoking and tobacco products of any kind. and the park staff will remind smokers of the new policy and ask them to leave if they continue smokes. that is an effort to keep everyone from being exposed to smoke. and -- to secondhand smoke. an unusual choice in swim wear to get people up for a free lunch on capitol hill. the lettuce ladies, three women dressed and in bikinis and serving up chili dogs and peta calling today national veggie hot dog day and.
5:41 pm
>> you know what, would you wear a lettuce bikini, laura? >> no. >> if i had one of the bodies -- . maybe, they looked good. >> exactly. and some pretty strong storms making their way across the d.c. region. we have our sights set on the weekend. >> don't miss gary's forecast next. and new plans to go green at fed ex field could keep your car cool during the daytime games and that is the beginning. we'll explain what this is about. next. perhap t
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>> well, it's no secret. there is an obesity epidemic in this country. there are efforts underway, as you know, from the white house to many american hopes to improve what our kids are eating when it comes to the health factor. fast food and chain restaurants are promising to help in that
5:45 pm
effort. chains like burger king and chilis say they're going to start putting foods on the kid's menus that are better than the usual chicken nuggets and mac and cheese options. joyce dubois, the director of nutrition and healthilying is with us tonight. thanks for being with us. >> ing that for having me. >> what kind of foods are we talking about? what kind of changes can we see? this is a wonderful initiative ruled out by the national restaurant sobs and this is -- association and is providing helpful obligations at 15,000 restaurant likes. the great part about this is that you can step into the restaurants and find the helpful meals for kids and they will be promoted and identified within the restaurant. it's making the healthful choice the easiest choice. >> what are the foods we will be seeing on the menu in place of chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese and pizza? >> the part of the program components is developing a nutrition criteria that was
5:46 pm
based on the 2010 dietary guidelines from the usda. within that, it's about promoting food groups that are nutrient rich. >> food groups and vegetables? >> whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean protein and limits on sodium, sugar, and some total fat. >> we're talking about taking out more butter and the cream. all of that stuff? there is not going to be hidden things? >> that's correct. >> i wonder if this is more of a marketing plan or something that is really an attempt to make a difference. >> the restaurant industry is committed to food and healthy liveing. this has been a trend that is going on in providing helpful meal options for family and which were and this is an industrywide initiative now that we are committed to providing helpful meal options and, again, making that helpful choice an easier choice. >> and looking at the new standards that will be required in this program.
5:47 pm
i undertanned that restaurants -- i understand that restaurants have to include one kids menu item, 600 calories or less and meet other nutritional requirements. aside this with less than 200 calories to be included. most 600-calorie -- i mean six hundred calories is the half of the recommended daily intakes of calories for some adult women. is that a lot still? >> we look at what the recommended amount would be for a healthy, active child that, again s moderately active and and we looked at the realm for boys and girls and came about 1800 calories and did a third of that, 600 calories. many of thesing ons are lower than 600 calories. >> okay. >> and let me ask you about maggiano's and mcdonald's, two companies that decided they didn't want to participate. why not? >> this is our initial launch. we have 15,000 restaurant locations that will be represented, and we have gotten
5:48 pm
more inquiries from restaurants. this is just a tip of the ice big. you will see more mitting to it and that is many options available. >> excellent, i know the consumers are take a closer look at what they're eating and what their kid are eating, too. and thank you very much for being with us. no. got pms? maybe a glass of milk will help. get this, their ads are geared towards men who deal with some women's moody symptoms and the man with the nervous look on the face said quote, i apologize for letting you misinterpret what you saying. do you think this is in good humor or does it go too far? >> think it goes too far. >> i knew you were going to come out and say i have no comment and talk about the forecast. >> i am good at that and i know
5:49 pm
what i need to steer aware from. >> smart -- steer away from. >> smart man. >> and that is last week. >> yeah. >> and some storms out there moving through and we can have some fun year and -- here and moving to the south. there could be more in places for us this evening and looks look most of this cleared the area. kind of cloudy and hazy, humid out there and listen, this is all going to change. we start now with some max hd radar and show you where the storms are how and in fredericksburg, drying out now and to leonardtown, calloway, all of you guys in saint mary's county and to calvert county, too, the heaviest has moved away and there is a period of time there and this is a dangerous storm. it was rotating and we were thinking that there might be tornado warning on it and didn't happen. and this is moving south of the area and we switch over to the
5:50 pm
radar to give you an idea and what is taking place there. we're going to be doing this a lot and this is right now with the live 3d data and we're watching this. you see where it extends into the atmosphere and they have been weakening the last 30 minutes or so and that is the first indication to look at the storms and tell they're weakening. the downdraft comes down lower and into the atmosphere and that is a good, good thing and around 66, this is awful front royal now, east of rain there and not severe. farther to north and west, we're not seeing anything here and seeing one cell in northern secs of baltimore and hunt valley. basically, that is weakening, too and some rain. we focus on the flash flood warnings. there is some in effect until
5:51 pm
6:45 p.m. for charles, fairfax, prince georges and prince william county and most of that is coming down and there is no more rain on top of it and we look through the term watch -- thunderstorm watch. a lot of this have been chiseled away and you can see to the south of us still in effect until 10:00 and most is cancelled early. cooler now with the rain moving through and for d.c. gaithersburg, 79 and jumping back into the upper 80s and some heat index and not much and there is that tornado watch to the south of us and some big thunderstorms this afternoon moving through and heavy rain was a primary threat. we have that frontal system. that did is going to bring us relief now and overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. drier up here and cooler up here. the things are getting a whole lot better. overnight tonight, a few crowds and not so muggy, and lower 60s
5:52 pm
in the subbishes. and might be breezy until 3, 4:00 in the morning. 70 degrees, sunny at lunch, 81 and nice at 5:00 and 84 and oh, did i tell you? much less humidity and in that forecast. not just tomorrow but the next several days. 85 for a high tomorrow and this is a bonus in july. 86 on friday and 87 on saturday and sunday, more humidity for the weekend and that looks look we're in for a dry one here and the temperatures in the mid- to upper 80s and dare i say comfortable levels of the humidity the next few days. >> and this is hot and muggy, and some air from canada joins us and makes this cooler and drier and we can appreciate the weather. >> and we appreciate that. thank you. >> thanks, gary. and six months after the
5:53 pm
officer of the minneapolis metrodome collapsed you were the weight of the snowstorm. you am this? it's back in place. they inflated theitive loop- coated fiber glass ceiling on tuesday and it forced the vikes to pay the final home games last december. fortunately, no one was in the building when the roof collapsed and no one was hurt. the nfl lockout is in the 120th day and counting and has dominated the offseason. it hasn't stopped the redskins from moving forward with stadium improvements. lindsay muffy has the latest project. >> reporter: last year, the redskins upgradeed fed ex field with some scoreboards. thousands of seats were removed to make room for party decks and they have partnered with nrg, and scheduled to be competed with the start of the season and construction began on monday and will be installed, and used to create a covered car port for 850 spaces and will include 10 charges
5:54 pm
stations and significant. the energy we'll be producing will provide enough power to power up fed ex field and on event days, we anticipate a 15% reduction off the grid. >> and brady, peyton manning and drew brees said, quote, we believe the leave all proposal is fair for both sides and it's time to get the deal done. in response, the nfl issued a statement saying that we share the view that now is the time to reach an agreement to get back to football and toa full 2011 season and time is ticking. >> and thank you. roger clemens' perjury trial is underway in washington. how prosecutors plan to prove he lied about taking steroids. and debt ceiling debate. the chairman issues a dire warning of its own in the midst
5:55 pm
of a political gridlock and 50 states, 50 days, 50 rides. tonight on the news edge, the man travelling across the country on two wheels in the hopes of saying lives. savinglives. navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales or bank-owned properties or commercial real estate, agents who can help speed up the process, no matter how intricate. and that's good news, whether you're trying to sell or hoping to buy. because the only sign you really want to see is "sold." nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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is the wedding in the works for brad and am lena? u.s. weekly claims it has three sources to report the power couple are going to make it legal. the big day could be at the french chateaux. they won't marry, though, until it's legal for everyone. brad told "usa today" the six children have started asking them about marriage. and thanks for joining us tonight at 5. the news edge at 6 with laura evans starts right now. and we begin with a severe weather alert. we have the eyes on the strong
5:59 pm
batch of storms south of the district. sue palka is in the weather center with the latest. >> reporter: these consider come -- have come through with a vengeance and have moved quickly and are getting relief. not only have they produced flash flooding, especially hard- hitting fairfax county a couple of hours ago, but they're taking down trees and getting reports of gusts near 60 in saint mary's city. the worst of it is south and you're in the middle of it pushing south in spotsylvania as we speak and to the weather maps here, i want you to see that we have them in -- them in 3d and between richmond and fredericksburg, the tall red peaks are showing us the strongest updrafts and that is the one of the of the activity and some lightning. we have flash flood warnings for charles, fairfax, prince georges and prince william until 6:45 and keep an eye on the waterways there and on that thermometer, there too. >> and good. live at the end of the tunnel here.

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